Je suis Infimière, j'ai occupé plusieurs postes importants comme Infection Control officer, Directrice de soins infirmiers, Quality Manager.
code NI-CA-200911-990 on in Canada

J'ai 20 ans d'expérience dans le domaine hospitalier avec un Master de management de l'hôpital et de la Santé. Durant ces années j'ai occupé des postes importants dans l'hôpital: Directrice des soins infirmiers, Infection control officer, Quality Manager et en parallèle consultante dans les hôpitaux Libanais.

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Pédiatrie, Bloc opératoire et anesthésie, Direction des Soins infirmiers, sevice contrôle des infections, service de Management de la Qualité et consultante pour l'accréditation et l'ISO dans les différents hôpitaux.

Fields of practice:
Responsable du service Management de la Qualité, Responsable du service de formation continue, Infection control officer et OHS officer

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Direction Qualité Direction securite

Types of interventions:
Infirmière chef, Directrice de Soins et actuellement Responsable du service Management de la Qualité.

Training courses attended:

2009-2010: MBA « Masters in Hospital and Health Care Management » Paris VII-Paris & ESA-Beirut
2007:LT in Nursing studies at “National Institute of Nursing Care” – Bir Hassan (Liban)
1989: TS in nursing studies at “National Institute” – Dekwaneh (Liban)
1985: Lebanese secondary baccalaureate (Philosophy) studies at "Secondary Official School” - Sed El Bauchrieh Liban


Led training courses:
J'étais responsable de la formation continue et je m'occupais du plan de formation annuelle et parfois j'étais le formateur, parmi les thèmes que j'ai présenté: -Documentation dans le dossier médical pour les infirmieres diplômées. -Formation en Qualité pour les nouveaux employés (cursus d'intégration) -Formation "Politiques et Procédures" pour tous les pilotes de qualité de l'hôpital -Formation "Audit Interne" pour les pilotes qualité

Computer skills:
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Some references:
Ecole supérieurs des Affaires Liban/France,

QMI SAIGLOBAL (Mr Mohamad Fawaz):
Old Airport Road, Allied Center,

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Date of Birth : 05.04.1968
Status : Widowed
Nationality :Lebanese (Résidence permanente au Canada)
Address :Hemlaya – Metn Liban/
Address: Place Royal 1210 Laval Quebec

2009-2010: MBA « Masters in Hospital and Health Care Management » Paris VII-Paris & ESA-Beirut
2007: LT in Nursing studies at “National Institute of Nursing Care” – Bir Hassan.
1989:TS in nursing studies at “National Institute” – Dekwaneh.
1985: Lebanese secondary baccalaureate (Philosophy) studies at "Secondary Official School” - Sed El Bauchrieh.

Arabic & French (spoken & written very well)
English (spoken & written good)

Computer Knowledge
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-First aid course (60 hours)Lebanese Red Cross CRL 1990.

-Seminar in pediatric Gastro, Enterology Saint Georges Hospital 1993.

-Assistant Anesthesiologist course given by
Dr Samir Koussa Eye & Ear Hospital International 1995.

-Training: Allergology Clinic Skin; Test given by Dr. Philippe Rouadi Eye & Ear Hospital International 1999.

-Special Training on Photo dynamic Therapy with VisudyneSwiss Medical Committee + Novartis 2000.

-Annual fire safety and evacuation training.
Civil Defense Session 2002…2009.

-Annual BLS and ALS training Lebanese Red Cross 2002…2007.

-Certificate in the Foundation Course on Quality Improvement Activities & review of the Standards & guidelines. Health Consultant Pam Backley and Dr Noel Barret 2004

- Training Session on 3M Health Care Product

-Training on Sterilization by kettaneh

- Occupational Health and Safety principles and programs.

- Quality Management System ISO 9001- 2000 with T & A consulting 2005.
Quality Tools Training Course (Key performance Indicator, Pareto, Ishikawa …) given by Mr. Georges Atallah (T & A consulting) Sahel General Hospital 2006.

- ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course with QMI

- Séminaire pédagogique (70h) Ministry of public Health & Lebanese University

- Infections Nosocomiales 10ème congress annual (Hotel Dieu de France)

- Accreditation des hopitaux libanais given by Dr MARTIAL FAVRE (HAS : Haute autorité de santé) Republic of Lebanon, Ministry of public health with French cooperation at ESA 2007.

- Presentation by Mr Gilles Lanteigne, executive vice-president and COO, Accreditation Canada. UMB / QMI – Accreditation Canada Seminar (Gefinor Rotana Hotel Beirut, Lebanon) 2008.

- ISO 9001:2008 Standard.Difference Between ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 9001: 2008 Presenter: Mr. M

- Effective Implementation of the new Patient safety and risk Management Accreditation Standards for Lebanese Hospitals Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon, presented by Dr. F

- L’Auto Evaluation et l’Evaluation des pratiques Professionnelles (EPP) Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon, avec la cooperation de l’ESA

- Training session by the Lebanese Health Quality Performance Scorecard System (LHQPSS) Performance Indicators (PI’s) yndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon & American University of Beirut presented by Dr. F

-Making use of your Data- Interpretation and Analysis (1 day) 2009 Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon & American University of Beirut presented by Dr. Z

Professional Experiences:

-From 1986 to 1989: Courses in studying period Inside and outside the hospital in the different services and departments .

From 1990 to 1993: Staff Nurse, Pediatric Service – St Georges Hospital:
- Provision of nursing care to children.
- Administration of medical treatments.
- Taking in charge the physical and the psychological side of the children in particular.

From 1995 to 1997:Assistant anesthesist nurse – Eye & Ear Hospital International:
- Preparation of the patients to the anesthesia.
- Preparation of the anesthesia machines and the necessary medicine in all the rooms.
- Administration of various drugs including muscle relaxants.
- Assistance and replacement of the anesthesiologists in their work (intubations / extubation)
- Follow up of the patients before, during and after anesthesia (Recovery Room)

From 2000 to 2004:Nurse supervisor – Eye & Ear Hospital International:
- Supervising nursing activities.
- Checking up the patients files.
- Distribution of the Nursing staff’s work.
- Material and stock control.
- Medicine stock control in the floors.

From 2003 to 2009:
- Implementation of the Accreditation requirement in the Eye & Ear Hospital.
- Conduct of ISO 9001-2000 audits in St Louis and Salam hospital, Saydet Zgharta hospital, Bissar hospital Tripoli, Eye & Ear hospital, Dahr El Bashek hospital, Clinique Dr Rizk.
- Provision of accreditation consulting services in the same hospital.
- Witnessing a QMI ISO 9001 audits in DPC.
- Assisting T&A in the conduct of ISO 9001 audits in Fine & Baroudy.
- Development of Policies and Procedures and other accreditation documentation for the various Nursing Departments.
- Monitoring and analyzing KPI for the nursing departments.

From 2005 to 2007:Infection Control Officer
- Responsible of controlling the nosocomial infection with Dr Roula Husni Samaha (Eye & Ear hospital).

From 2005 to 2007: Director of Nursing in the Eye & Ear Hospital International:
- Establishing and implementing Policies and Procedures.
- Developing a system for Performance Appraisal to review personnel performance and initiating personnel actions such as merit increases, training, promotions, transfers, disciplinary action and terminations.
- Provision of in-service and continuing education for nursing departments’ staff.
- Participation in hospital committees and representing nursing services at administrative meetings.
- Assisting in the recruitment of nursing personnel.

From 2005 to 2007: Consultant in T&A Consulting Hospital accreditation Team.

From April 2007 to Jan 2008:Director of Nursing in the Dahr El Bashek hospital and quality manager:
- Provision of in-service and continuing education for nursing departments’ staff.
- Establishing and implementing Policies and Procedures in several departments.

From April 2008 until present:Quality Manager in “Clinique Dr Rizk”:
-Rédaction des politiques et procédures
-Maitrise des documents et des enregistrements
-Enquête de satisfaction des patients hospitalisés et externe
-Enquête de satisfaction du personnel
-Plaintes des clients
-Actions correctives et préventives
-Audit Interne
-Statistiques et analyses des données.

From January 2009 until present:
- Member of the steering committee for the Hospital Scorecard Initiative (Syndicate of Hospital in Lebanon & American University of Beirut)
- Member of “the Accreditation of Hospital in Lebanon” (project prepared by the Syndicate of Hospital in Lebanon)

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